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Jackets for Women

Jackets are an important part of any woman's closet. You can use them to layer or just to cover up during the warmer months. We once thought that jackets killed our outfits, now they're making them. When you're feeling that your outfit looks a little bit bare, a jacket will instantly elevate it. Zara's women's jackets have been created to suit all your needs. Their leather jackets will help you rock biker chic, and will complement all your outfits. It is an iconic piece that you just have to have. This closet staple will look edgy with a floral dress or cute and casual with a basic tee and jeans combination. If you love an androgynous look, then overshirts will be your go-to piece this season. Wear them over your light knitwear to keep warm yet comfortable in any situation. We love oversized, lightly padded styles or more structured and tailored pieces for more formal occasions.

Women's jackets collection, from leather to denim styles

Jackets will truly transform your outfits, so don't underestimate the power of this closet staple. You can choose something timeless for a luxe look, or a bold color to make a statement. From date nights to Sundays spent with the family, there are so many that will fit your mood. There is a jacket out there for you to express your style identity, so find your match. Styling your jackets may seem like a challenge, but in fact, once you're trying on your closet, you'll soon see that there is a jacket for every look. Like handbags and accessories, jackets enhance your outfit. They take them up an extra level. Zara has a selection of ladies' jackets that will revolutionize your looks. In particular, their denim jackets and crochet versions are the perfect cover-up during warmer seasons. They are transitional staples that can be layered, or just worn over a simple dress for a retro vibe. If cardigans aren't your thing, then a denim jacket will add edge to your outfits. A classic blue denim jacket will perfectly suit khaki pants and neutral tones. Overshirts are also a versatile piece to have in your closet. They can be worn alone or layered to keep warm. You can shop oversized styles for a comfortable yet stylish look, or more fitted styles that will flatter your figure. There are many colors and prints available so you can concoct creative yet authentic looks. They also come in solid colors if your closet is already filled to the brim with prints. The overshirt comes in cotton which is a breathable and lightweight fabric, or in wool for a super soft styling option. Vests  are also in and, they are here to stay. Again, they're perfect for layering season, and can also be thrown over a crop top and jeans for a laid-back look. Their lightweight yet padded style will allow you to keep warm without working up a sweat - ideal for city life. They also have a sportswear-like feel to them that will modernize your outfits. Leather styles are another option that is not to be overlooked. You will feel empowered slipping on your biker jacket and feeling like a empowered. Its fabric instantly adds an edgy feel to every outfit. You can wear a head-to-toe suit or throw on your leather jacket with a casual outfit and score street style points.