Bomber jackets

From trendy to classic, bomber jackets are a statement piece for every woman's closet.

Zara’s range of women’s bomber jackets is the ultimate go-to selection for a lightweight outer layer with a sleek look. This everyday jacket is offered in various designs, colors, and fits, allowing any woman to find the perfect option to suit her style. Zara’s bomber jacket collection for women includes subtle designs with clean lines and monochrome colors, while others are reimagined into contemporary creations with an edgy twist. The color palette showcases subtle shades of pink, blue, and beige that gently invoke the senses. Varied texture options define this garment’s simple outline and convert it into a sophisticated item that makes it stand out to perfection. Classic colors such as white and black also play an important part as they maintain timeless looks that stand the test of time. A black bomber jacket is always a good investment as it will remain a loyal companion for years to come, immaculately completing outfits in no time. When it comes to silhouettes, the women’s bomber jackets collection begins with the classic bomber, an easy-to-wear and comfortable outer layer that stems from its casual its. Its short length meets the hem with the waist area, allowing an accentuation of the female figure. Available in various necklines and fastening options, it can enhance insulation with a full zip fastening or keep a more sartorial look with a fold-down collar and buttons. Side pockets are often included and help keep the hands warm whilst providing useful storage space for everyday items. Other styles such as the crop bomber jacket take it up a notch and reveal the belly area as a playful secret that peaks in mystery. The oversized bomber jacket, however, is attuned to contemporary fashion. Its enlarged silhouette not only creates a new outline to the body but also provides a feeling of freedom thanks to the ease of movement. A bomber jacket is a perfect item to wear with your favorite T-shirt, pair of jeans, and sneakers for a nonchalant approach. On the other hand, to opt for a more sophisticated style, more feminine or tailored bomber jackets lend an elegant and chic flair to your outfit and can act as the main star of the show. The women’s bomber jackets collection presents different fabrics and finishes, from more sturdy materials such as denim or leather to other ones such as satin and knit that flow more freely on the body but nevertheless provide protection and soft structure. For a fashionable statement that keeps things interesting, a leather bomber jacket or suede bomber jacket offers an elevated effect, lending sophistication to your look and allowing a more elegant feel that suits different occasions with a nod to classic old-school looks. Whatever the occasion and weather, we have you covered with the best this range has at hand for an impeccable and fashionable look all year round.