High Waist

Rise up in high rise jeans for women

High-waisted jeans display a cut dating back to the earlier days of this magnificent and ever-lasting casual item. Nowadays, the waist sees many different forms of creative designs, but it is evident that its higher position contributes to a flattering and feminine figure. The new collection by ZARA presents an array of irresistible high-waisted jeans styles, from timeless cuts such as high-waisted straight-leg jeans to vintage-inspired high-waisted flare jeans. Nevertheless, our selection leaves no style behind, with the skinny silhouette winning a well-deserved spot as high-waisted skinny jeans that caress the curves yet elongate the body. Alternatively, high-waisted bootcut jeans offer the best of both worlds and combine a tighter upper fit that widens towards the lower leg. The colorways include classic blues and more contemporary shades such as black high-waisted jeans. Whether paired with sneakers or high heels, this item will ensure you look and feel great on any occasion.