Green Dresses

Top Trend Zara Green Dresses

Green, the tone of nature, is a vivid hue that not only suits every skin and eye color but also empowers those who wear it. On top of that, it even has a lot of other properties, both for the wearer as well as for those around them, and it's seen as a sign of luck in some cultures. That's one of the reasons behind Zara's dedicated spot for green dresses within the wider collection of womenswear: to provide women's wardrobes with irresistible pieces in this cheerful hue, catering to deep and light options, different fabrics and cuts. On the brighter side, a green dress in emerald is sure to be the main element of a striking outfit that will catch everyone's attention. As this garment bears a lot of personality on its own, it's an ideal option for events where you want to ensure an outfit that stands out from the crowd, and it couldn't be easier to accessorize. Bearing in mind its dazzling energy and its gemstone appearance, it's best to add as few elements as possible to keep the outfit neat so that the piece can really speak for itself. Especially when considering a design in a unique fabric like a satin dress, vibrant hues like this one combine thanks to the shiny and silky aesthetics of the material wonderfully. Darker in color but equally charming, the bottle green dress inflicts a strong yet calming aura to any look, be it formal or more casual. As much of a contradiction as it may seem, mint green has the same effect, even though being a pastel tone far away from its deep counterpart. Being a bold tone, it calls for a good assortment of distinctive silhouettes. Starting with strong, firm lines, the long-sleeved dress often provides a sophisticated look that can blend perfectly well in professional environments. However, depending on the sleeve shape and thinking about the green color, they can also feel really flowy and breezy. As idyllic as it gets, babydoll designs provide all outfits with a candid and delicate aesthetic, ideal for spending time in the open air. The halterneck dress is an alternative that can look ethereal if required but can also portray a more urban aesthetic that brings the 70s to mind instantly, so it's an accurate choice to dance the night away. When it comes to fun and more daring silhouettes, the cutout dress will be a flawless partner at any party, particularly if it's in a rich tone like forest green. The bodycon dress is the ideal all-purpose design that adapts to every setting. Depending on the fabric, when engaging in daily activities, a knitted option will be the way to go; whereas presented in an exceptional material like in the case of the leather dress, it surely makes a statement and won't leave anyone indifferent wherever it goes.