Blue Dresses

Blue dresses in all its shades, from navy to light sky

From navy to indigo, sky, and electric blue, Zara's collection of women's blue dresses covers all the shades of the palette. It is as diverse as attractive and has the perfect pieces to both make a statement and create a simple yet stylish outfit. A denim dress is a classic, timeless blue garment that never disappoints. Catering to all preferences, denim dresses are always a wise choice, especially if you are looking for an appealing twist to a casual outfit. They come in multiple styles, lengths, and shapes that cover all kinds of scenarios. A shirt denim dress blends perfectly well in both professional and informal contexts, while a strapless denim dress is a major favorite when pursuing a daring yet simple look. Zara's blue dresses arrive in multiple fabrics apart from denim, such as velvet, leather, satin and poplin to build flawless outfits that suit any occasion, from work to leisure. A velvet dress exudes elegance and could be the perfect option to wear to a wedding. A lace dress in pale sky blue could be a great choice as well; go for it if you'd like to breathe charm with an on-trend touch. Satin dresses give off style and femininity in every step and are perfect for creating an ethereal look. The blue palette is very diverse and each shade exudes a different energy, from subtle to statement-making. Royal blue dresses add the right amount of appeal, perfect to ensure the spotlight. Navy dresses radiate sophistication and never go out of style; they are a must-have in every woman's wardrobe. Details are the key to elevating any garment and creating a special outfit. Ruffles, lace, and embroideries embellish the edit. While ruffles add movement and volume, lace gives a touch of elegance and refinement and embroideries add texture as well as a bohemian-inspired look. Arriving in different lengths —mini, midi and maxi—there is a blue dress for every occasion. While midi dresses give a flattering silhouette and are perfect for showing off a pair of statement shoes, you will find an ally in mini dresses if you want to draw all the attention to your legs. As for maxi dresses, they are versatile pieces that cover all scenarios. While a long knitted dress suggestively clings to the body and fits like a second skin, a long flowing dress in light and soft fabrics like cotton give off a delicate aura. Dance the night away with a selection of blue party dresses that explore all the possibilities and cater to every taste, either subtle pieces or designs that ensure the spotlight. Find stunning dresses for wedding guests that provide elegance and appeal in equal measure. Whether you prefer short formal designs or glamorous, impressive gowns, Zara's collection satisfies any need.