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This Season's Must-Have Women's Trench Coat

Women's trench coats are iconic outerwear reinterpreted to complement sophisticated, cosmopolitan feminine looks. Despite its strong lines and details, the women's trench coat's design allows for variations and updates that keep this original garment more relevant than ever. However, on the more purist side, beige trench coats are definitely the most popular version of this piece and, thanks to the versatility of this earthy tone, it is definitely a garment to keep in mind when it comes to building a solid wardrobe. Green trench coats are among other popular alternatives and are ideal for urban looks due to their military-inspired styling. Meanwhile, black trench coats for women are a favourite for elevating any smart-casual look, as they add a hint of mystery that makes them irresistible.

Women's Trench Coats In Various Styles

A women's trench coat has a strong look, recognisable detailing and sharp lines. Its iconic design always adds a sophisticated touch, making it one of the favourite lightweight coats to create cosmopolitan looks, as it is easy to adapt to smart outfits alongside other elegant pieces, as well as casual outfits where its sophisticated nature is enhanced. Zara's selection of outerwear includes multiple versions of this utility-inspired garment in a variety of lengths, materials and colours. From the well-known beige trench coat to fluid trench options, this garment is once again claiming its rightful place in a woman's wardrobe. Among the key models in the history of fashion, beige trench coats have a refinement to them that makes them one of the most versatile options. In addition, if the trench coat is belted to fit the silhouette, elegance is guaranteed, even with more casual outfits. Khaki green trench coats, which originated in military attire, remain as another popular version season after season, serving as the basis for other innovative proposals. In that sense, Zara's women's waterproof trench coat is a modern celebration of the functionality that was intended for this coat from the very beginning and is a very valuable alternative, especially in times when the weather can be uncertain. The same goes for the hooded trench coat: a great ally for grey skies. In addition to the wide variety of designs, black trench coats for women stand out wherever they go. For simple yet elevated looks, this classic hue and the garment's signature details are an ideal pair. Alternatively, the short trench coat for women is another option to consider; an option that frames the silhouette in a different way and is closer to the safari style. On the other hand, the flowing trench coat and the long linen coat are ideal choices for mild temperatures. Lightweight fabrics such as linen—which thanks to their breathable properties keep you cool and ventilated at all times—also have a comfortable structure that makes them excellent for relaxed outfits. At the height of trend and style, the plaid and suede trench coat are reinterpretations that never disappoint, are always on-trend and have a personality of their own. The sartorial elegance of these two garments speaks for itself when one sees that even when combined in simple outfits, they create looks that give off a special aura wherever they go.