Women's parkas: a warmth and a sophisticated look for chilly days

As one of the most reliable pieces of outerwear, the parka jacket for women ticks all the boxes. As Zara is used to considering all new and timeless trends, and all necessities that may arise in contemporary women, and that’s why our last outerwear collection presents a curated selection of this key item, with designs that range from classic to avant-garde and never leave either functionality or aesthetics behind. Initially originating as a modern take on traditional coats worn by indigenous people that inhabit the Arctic regions, parka coats took the world by storm and are now an unmissable winter garment in every wardrobe. Thanks to their protective design that incorporates a long and slightly baggy silhouette, a varying degree of insulation and sometimes even a hood, they are the ideal companions during the colder seasons, be it in the heart of the city or in any adventure out in the wild. Moreover, the little updates that this iconic piece has been getting here and there help it to always stay in vogue apart from its evident overall practicality. The selection makes available a variety of parkas that feature mid-thigh and knee lengths and are insulated with materials that provide the utmost warmth and comfort, so snuggling up in one of our coats is like being held in the cosiest embrace. To further emphasize their utilitarian characteristics, some of the featured versions have waterproof fabrics and treatments, so the edit has also considered waterproof parkas for women that don’t enjoy being into the unknown unprepared. These alternatives are winning bets to protect your outfit and keep it dry and impeccable for those days when the weather is fickle and it might just rain a little bit or it might as well end up raining cats and dogs. Of course, if you also want to keep your head unscathed too, the best choice will be one of our parkas with a hood, which is usually lined with faux fur to add an extra dose of protection and heat. For an alternative that stands its ground as one of the most versatile outerwear pieces, the black parka coat should be seriously considered. Due to its deep colour that imbues everything with its inherent sophistication and class, the ever-functional parka jacket gets instantly elevated while keeping its unpretentious design as dynamic as it is. The best bit about this design is that it mixes ideally well with a wide variety of other hues and our updated versions of this jacket allow you to wear it with totally informal outfits as well as with semicasual looks when the cold season comes.