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ZARA's Skirts, Timeless and Trendy Designs

ZARA's skirts come full of style and will add a feminine touch to any look. The mini skirt has been an iconic garment since its inception in the 60's and is a must-have in every woman's wardrobe. An ideal complement to many outfits, the mini skirt can be worn with sandals, trainers and smart shoes, with or without heels. Furthermore, by combining boots and ankle boots with a short skirt, you can achieve a romantic look or an impeccable cosmopolitan style, depending on the footwear design. Among the trendy short skirts, the leather mini-skirt stands out in particular, radiating power and magnetism wherever it goes. ZARA's leatherette skirt works well in casual looks with pieces that enhance its irreverent style, such as XL accessories and chunky-soled trainers. Alternatively, it works just as well in sophisticated looks with pieces that elevate the whole outfit, such as blazers, clutch bags and delicate heeled sandals. Leather long skirts can also serve the same role as mini versions in this material. A pleated skirt and how to wear it can be a daunting subject at first, but with our long pleated skirts from ZARA and their midi and short versions, combining them is a simple task. Their texture adapts to different designs and is completely versatile, as it fits both casual skirt styles with short boots, as well as special occasions: betting on a pleated skirt for a wedding or similar events is a sure hit. In its more urban version, the pleated mini skirt gives any outfit a distinctly college-inspired look, while ZARA's midi skirts give the look a subtle vintage twist. The must-have options for warmer days and holiday collections are ZARA's sarong skirts. Both their fabric and their design bring freshness and a special touch for a more relaxed look. In this edition we have also contemplated models with special textures and details, as is the case of ZARA's party skirts. A skirt and a party top is a winning ensemble for any festive occasion, especially if it's a sequined skirt from ZARA. Sequined fabric has an intrinsic disco edge to it that elevates the look and makes it ready to be worn at any party. For a more delicate and sensitive feel, ZARA's women's tulle skirt has the ideal texture and volume to add an ethereal note to the look, even more so when paired with light or powdery colours. Among the versatile styles, ZARA's women's skort, knit skirt and denim skirt are uncomplicated designs for everyday outfits that can be easily transformed into casual evening wear by pairing them with pieces to elevate your casual vibe.