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Camisole, Printed and Plain T-shirts

In this collection, Zara presents women's T-shirts in a variety of designs for one of the most versatile and infallible pieces there is. From basic T-shirts to tops with which to wear to events or to elevate everyday looks, the quintbasic casual style garment offers more possibilities than one could ever imagine. A foolproof wardrobe is mostly comprised of a high percentage of simple garments and, at the same time, it must have a certain number of pieces to stand out from the rest, as well as accessories to complement the outfits. Two timeless options that never fail are the white T-shirt and the black T-shirt. These two neutral tones can be combined with a variety of other colours and can also be worn with many different outfits, whether casual or smart-casual. A grey T-shirt is among the other options that are a no-brainer for adding a twist. Keeping in line with the neutral and refined, grey is the go-to colour when it comes to adding a bright touch to looks without going to the lighter end of the spectrum. Meanwhile, the khaki green T-shirt is another piece to keep in mind for its timeless feel, which never goes out of style and fits in perfectly with urban outfits giving them a strong and vibrant look. There are also many other shades and colours that move away from more sober tones and still make for a solid wardrobe foundation, as well as adding a cheerful note to outfits. For romantic looks full of delicacy, a pink T-shirt is always a safe bet. Moreover, for a more feminine touch, Zara's camisole tops are all that's needed to create a detailed and sensual look that's both tailored and sophisticated. In addition to plain garments, printed T-shirts are capable of filling any look with colour and originality. Some designs are classic and others may be more fashion forward, but prints will always add style and personality to an outfit and make it stand out from the crowd. As for its silhouette, the design of this garment allows for a variety of possibilities that multiply the options and make this piece even more versatile if possible. On the more classic side, short-sleeved T-shirts and long-sleeved T-shirts are the maximum exponent of basic garments. Among the alternatives, tank tops and sleeveless tops are also versatile pieces that open the door to infinite combinations with other tops, shirts, waistcoats and much more, in order to create trendy looks with lots of dimension. As for the more fashionable side, oversize and cropped T-shirts are two of the most popular choices for streetwear looks.