Wide Leg

Wide leg trousers for woman

Palazzo pants for women rival all their trouser counterparts as the most elegant of silhouettes. At once diaphanous and structured, they imbue a confidence that comes from considered design. Palazzo pants stretch from being smart to casual. Our formal designs come tailored with button-up fastenings and frequently a coordinating blazer to finish the look with aplomb. Patterned or plain, this design passes as as appropriate garment at everything from work to weddings. Design details, such as asymmetric waistbands and lace trim, elevate this flattering trouser style even higher. With elasticated waists, laid-back styles are perfect for informal and relaxed occasions. Playful geometric and floral prints are joined by stripes, polka-dots, while traditional wide-leg lengths are diversified with cropped hemlines. Whether flared and flowing or straight-leg and strict, the palazzo pant provides a trendy alternative to jeans and trousers and is complemented by all manner of footwear, from high-heel stilettos to chunky sneakers.