Women's ripped jeans: an edgy touch to any casual ensemble

Nowadays ripped jeans have become a fundamental part of every street-style daily wear wardrobe. To help provide the most updated options for this key garment, Zara’s newest womenswear collection has a specially designated place for ripped jeans for women in which every woman will find the ideal match that caters to their personal taste. Initially invented during the 60s and the 70s, it wasn’t until the 90s that music helped spread their use.
Amongst the iconic original blue ripped jeans, their counterparts, the black ripped jeans offer a slight change of perspective that opens a whole new level of different combinations, looks and aesthetics. It is true that black always elevates an ensemble thanks to its inherent sophistication, but when featured on such a strong piece as jeans with ripped details are, they make the piece become subtly edgier and they help give variation and make a strong impression. Even though they may not look like it because they have an innate powerful appearance, surprisingly enough skinny jeans with rips are a versatile garment. Due to their slim fitted silhouette that adheres to any body shape, they provide a flattering effect; while their destroyed features give them a trendy look that can be dressed with sneakers for a total urban outfit or with strappy high-heeled sandals for a cosmopolitan ensemble rich in contrasts. To offer an alternative fit to the one ripped skinny jeans have, this selection also incorporates different designs of baggy ripped jeans for those women who want to display their most carefree and looser attitude. What’s more, our edit includes a variety of denim trousers with different degrees of distressing that suit different individual tastes, from jeans with little rips all the way to versions that are profusely cut and add a dramatic aesthetic to every outfit. It’s important to take into account that if you want to build balanced looks given the strong aura that these pieces have, it’s best to team them with garments that feel neat and polished if you want to go for a sophisticated appearance. In any case, when dressing casually you can pair them with clean basic t-shirts that will make the look feel fresh and crisp.