Withdrawn items


At Zara we aim to guarantee maximum quality in our products, and we are committed to being transparent about any items that might have had to be withdrawn from sale for any reason.

  • Ceramic switches

    Ceramic switches

    Reference: 9330/047/800 9330/047/251

We would like to inform you that that two of our ZARA HOME articles, our ceramic switches with references 9330/047/800 and 9330/047/251, could have a faulty design defect. To assure the best quality service and as a precautionary measure, if you acquired any of these articles, you may contact us at any of our stores or through our Customer Service (0800 030 4238) and we will inform of how to proceed for its full payment back. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience.

For further information about previous withdrawals, please contact our Customer Service Department.