• STRIPED SHIRT - Green by Zara
    • LACE-TRIMMED CAMISOLE TOP - Black / White by Zara
    • STRIPED TROUSERS - Green by Zara
    • WOOL STRAPPY TOP - Grey by Zara
    • FRINGED TOP - Black by Zara
  • Pyjamas for women

    Sleepwear is a world of wonders where we envelop ourselves with smooth-on-the-skin garments that give us comfort and joy. However, in current times, sleepwear fits into a much bigger variety of definitions and has grown into endless garment possibilities that can fit into a vast number of environments and purposes. For this reason, Zara’s newest pyjama collection offers far more than just your everyday bedtime companions, as we aim to open a world of irresistible and sophisticated designs, styles, cuts, and colours for you to be inspired by and realise what potential it has in store for both your comfort level at home and your style outdoors.
    Within this range, Zara has specially curated a selection of carefully designed items that cover everyone’s personal requirements and preferences. From classic sleepwear designs such as the everlasting striped shirt and trouser pyjama set to more avant-garde styles that crossover to loungewear and streetwear such as blouses, tops, and trousers of unique design details that can be worn separately and be combined with other garments for a lasting impression. 

    Nowadays, lines have blurred between feminine and masculine, for this reason, Zara’s pyjama collection presents many styles that are unisex and can be worn by anyone. From straight-line pyjamas to loose-fitting co-ord sets, and all the way to more fitted styles, this collection allows everyone to find their own voice and make the items they choose truly their own. And speaking of personal touches, some items within the collection are also customizable, making them the perfect personalised gift to yourself or a loved one.  

    From subtle and minimalist styles in solid shades to embroidered, bejewelled, and ones of bold prints, there is something for everyone to enjoy and celebrate their own essence whether during the privacy of one’s own home, relaxing moments, casual days, or adventurous outings. 
    • SHAPEWEAR SHORTS - Dark brown by Zara
    • LEATHER SHORTS - White by Zara
    • WOOL STRAPPY TOP - Black by Zara
    • SATIN TRIANGLE TOP - Blue by Zara
    • WOOL SHORTS - Pink by Zara
    • BARBIE™ MATTEL BUSTIER - Pink / White by Zara
    • SEMI-SHEER SILK BLEND TOP - Pearl grey by Zara

Comfortable pyjamas and loungewear for a stylish look

The world of sleepwear and loungewear has long made its statement as a fierce force within the strongest fashion trends of our times. Initially designed as items that people used to only wear during bedtime and were usually of less importance than the rest of the wardrobe, pyjamas and loungewear were presented in simple designs that lacked inspiration. However, nowadays these are the epitome of stylish comfort as well as a fun way to express your style. The pyjama range by ZARA presents an array of both practical and incredibly chic designs that will leave no one feeling uncared for. From plain and solid pyjama sets in soft materials that caress your skin to sophisticated designs in clever cuts and drapes that can serve both as sleepwear and as stand-alone pieces to combine with your outfits. 

The collection includes more classic and subtle designs such as striped pyjama shirt and trouser sets that are simply timeless, making them accessible to everyone as well as being offered as customizable items to add your personal initials on. On the other hand, other designs cross the barriers between sleepwear, loungewear, and everyday fashion, such as satin sets that can be worn as individual items combined with other garments, embroidered or semi-sheer styles that elevate the styling game. For a subtle look, opt for combining cotton shirts with jeans and finish off with some boots or trainers, or dare to unleash your inner fashionista by wearing semi-sheer garments or pairing satin pyjama trousers with stilettoes for a seductive feel.

When it comes to cuts and shapes, the ZARA pyjama selection caters for all different body shapes, starting from the ever-elegant vest and shorts co-ord sets, where you can outlive their mere sleepwear function simply by utilising the vest itself as a base layer under a shirt or jacket that shows off the embroidery or lace details like a hidden gem. From then onwards, the collection sees straight-line pyjama sets that are more loose-fitting as well as wide-legged trousers that provide maximum breathability and comfort. Many of the designs are unisex, hence, they are perfect companions for just about anyone and hold a promise to look good no matter who you are. Comfort was also taken into account with elastic waistband pyjamas or tie-up laces trousers and shirts, so the clothing adjusts itself to the body in the best way possible while enhancing the waist. Other designs such as open-back buttoned shirts, wrap shirts, pleated satin trousers, and unique cut tops are also at hand for those who always seek uniqueness and appreciate the finer details. 

As for shades and materials, the pyjama selection by ZARA was created using the highest quality of fabrics of a versatile and uncompromising repertoire, starting from the most reliable choice of pure cotton and cotton poplin to alluring satins and at the highest of peaks, the silk. The collection sees plain colours in subtle and monochrome shades such as white, beige, black, and light blue, to brighter ones that catch the eye including yellow, green, and hot pink. Patterns have also been incorporated, so that no one’s taste is left behind, with subtle touches such as delicate prints, embroidery, lace, and others that elevate these garments into a work of art: Bejewelled designs with rhinestones and applique, contrast detailing, and bold prints that cannot be ignored.