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Complete your look year-round with our men's footwear, from moccasins to ankle boots.

Men have an infinite number of choices to select from when it comes to footwear, more even so because Zara's menswear collection dedicates a specially curated selection of shoes for men, aiming to resonate with different preferences and fit varied types of occasions. For classic style lovers or those seeking an option to rely on when a special event comes up, moccasins will always have your back. Often made in leather, they have been designed to have both soft and flexible characteristics so that they are comfortable to wear but still look impeccable and adapt to the strictest dress codes. Undoubtedly, this type of footwear can also be worn down and perfectly complement semi-smart or even daily outfits. Boat shoes are a similar choice that adds some more laidback, dynamic energy to any ensemble while still being incredibly fashionable and sophisticated. Regarding a casual style that has been increasingly sneaking into every masculine closet and making heads turn since its creation, sneakers are a favorite among favorites nowadays. From solid-colored to strikingly multicolored designs and from thin-soled to chunky versions, this type of footwear has been redesigned and reinvented throughout the years, providing an enormous amount of different alternatives to choose from. For sleek, semi-smart outfits, classic stark white sneakers can be paired with a suit or a pair of dress pants and a shirt to make for an impeccable look. When going for a really informal, carefree urban vibe, a pair of statement sneakers will instantly catch all the attention and level up any uncomplicated outfit. With comfort and leisure in mind, slippers and sliders are among the best alternatives to lounge in and enjoy some free time. Regarding the first, they're thought to be worn in an indoor setting, so they're usually soft to the touch and made from materials like wool or shearling. Their main objective is to keep your feet warm and produce a relaxing sensation, so they constitute one of the best choices for taking a well-deserved rest at home after a busy day at work. As well as their counterparts, sliders also have a slip-on design, yet they are made in different materials such as rubber or neoprene to adapt them to an outdoor-activities environment, so they truly are a must-have when going to the pool or the beach.