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Men's casual and formal shirts for a full-style closet

As the many different types of preferences and masculinities coexist, there is also a huge variety of shirts for men included in Zara's menswear collection that aim to honor and cater to all those diversities. The history of men's shirts dates back to ancient times. As it is reported, men have been wearing some shirt-resembling garments for thousands of years, from the first ones being made of animal furs all the way to modern versions. On the informal side, lighter materials, relaxed silhouettes, bolder colors, or fun patterns are often used to create varied assortments of casual shirts. These are precisely the best alternatives to match with jeans or shorts and sneakers or sandals and create effortless everyday outfits that exude a put-together vibe and drip style in which you can do pretty much everything around the city. Among the most versatile and stylish designs, denim shirts are a flawless choice that adds personality and modernity in equal measure. For a lighter and fresher option with the same characteristics, linen shirts are still as fashionable and adaptable. Yet, thanks to their breathable fabric, they bring a much-needed dose of comfort when the temperature goes too high. However, when it comes to formal shirts, their designs often seem sturdier thanks to having been crafted with more structure and sharper, sleeker lines. Ideal for special occasions when a man needs to dress up, these versions are often preferred plain but patterned alternatives, especially options that never go out of fashion like striped shirts, which can also fit perfectly well in important social events and professional meetings. Other prints can also adapt to strict dress codes, and undoubtedly, most of them can double as winning bets in casual outfits. Check shirts are timeless pieces that blend perfectly in various contexts and styles, and they can be worn in many different ways too. If you need to step up the game in a simple-looking outfit, this piece immediately spices up the ensemble just by being layered over a t-shirt or underneath a sweater. For those men who enjoy following the trends and embrace a bolder look, floral shirts are a sure must-have. The best part about these natural attention-seekers is that they can act as the main element for a joyful and impactful outfit, or they can be slightly muted when styling them underneath a pullover so that it only brings the needed striking accent.