Stay warm in style with our men's coats and parkas collection

There's a whole world to men's coats, and Zara's menswear collection arrives with a comprehensive assortment that ensures options for different situations, preferences, and styles. On the elegant end of the spectrum, men's overcoats have what it takes to finish off a bright outfit with the right amount of sophistication. This option and ¾ length coats perfectly fit several levels of formal events and ensembles, whether accompanying a tailored suit for a particular social occasion or complementing an impeccable look for a professional meeting. When the temperatures start to rise and the skies clear up, a lightweight coat will provide an accurate dose of comfort and warmth while still looking as elegant as any other of its counterparts. On a more casual note, trench coats stand the test of time and remain iconic statement pieces. Thanks to their versatility, they can be styled with many different garments and build outfits with different aesthetics: from semi-smart looks with a pair of tailored pants, a soft scarf, leather gloves, and boots or tie shoes to elevated informal ensembles worn with jeans, a sweatshirt, and sneakers. And the best part is that they always succeed by adding their sartorial charm regardless of the look you are going for. For those who often opt for designs that can be comfortable and practical without risking their fashionable appearance, parka coats will be one of the best solutions. Not only are they perfectly fit for urban settings, but they're also incredibly in sync with the countryside lifestyle. Among other functional options, waterproof coats are to be considered for active men who like to take adventures rain or shine, but they'd also have their outfits look flawless from beginning to end. When going for a slightly elevated alternative, hooded coats offer the needed protection while giving the ensemble a subtle dress-up twist. If there's no need for a warmer outerwear piece or there is simply a want to put together a more interesting outfit, an overshirt is always a winning bet. Since there are a ton of different designs to choose from, from leather, denim, and corduroy versions to military-inspired, distressed, or patterned ones, they're ideal layers to lead and set the whole style of any look.