Men's chino pants selection for smart-casual looks without hesitation.

When looking for a trouser that offer comfort as well as durability and style, what we're looking for is a chino trouser; a timeless and versatile addition to any man's closet. Zara's menswear collection offers a range of materials, fits, and colors, including khaki, navy, gray, and black, that fit perfectly to all men's styles. Easy to combine with a shirt and a knit sweater, as well as with a white T-shirt and a bomber jacket, chino pants are a versatile garment that will make you dress up or down depending on the clothes you decide to combine them with, and you can do it without too much effort. Classically, you can combine them with loafers, but current trends present this pants style combined with sneakers, achieving a casual and modern look. In Zara's men's collection, you will find chino pants in quality materials and different textures and colors to dress whenever you need them. This style of pants is the most suitable choice for men who need more storage space. The main feature of the basic chinos is their side pockets, which leave plenty of room to carry the daily basics. There are several options within this range, for example, the slim fit chinos, for those looking for a more fitted and defined look, which also provides a skinny and modern appearance. Both slim and skinny fit chinos, are an excellent option for men who want a more fashion-forward look. But if we talk about modernity, we talk about chino cargo pants. This garment combines the classic style with the modernity of cargo pockets, leaving even more space to store belongings and a casual touch ideal for a day of adventure full of style. Always a functional and stylish choice. If we focus on the chromatic range of this garment, the classic chino is easily found in natural and plain colors such as browns, camel, and beige. We will highlight the khaki chinos that offer a brighter color, easy to wear, that combine very well with a white t-shirt - or shirt if the occasion requires it - and a V-neck sweater or a denim jacket. A versatile option that adapts with style to the necessary event. Moreover, white chino pants are a stylish and sophisticated option for men who want a clean and minimalist look. No matter how, no matter when, chino pants will always fit your style.