Discover our men's slim fit jeans, from classic blue to black denim.

Given the extensive amount of slim-fit jeans for men existing, no excuses are allowed when it comes to getting this must-have fit in every man's closet, even more so when Zara's menswear collection makes available such a wide range of slim jeans for men that flatter the masculine silhouette while ensuring a high dose of comfort, ideal for the busy men always on the go. To honor the original shade for denim pieces, this selection includes a complete color story that includes diverse options of blue jeans as well as alternatives in other desirable shades, trendy and timeless. This edit's aim is that there's something for every preference and that every individual can make the most out of their casual wardrobe. Black jeans are great allies to add an elevated, almost sartorial touch to any casual look. Their deep color gives off a powerful energy that can be conducted in many ways. When an informal occasion requires some leveling up, styling a pair of slim-fit black jeans with loafers, a shirt, and a coat (if the weather calls for it) makes for a sophisticated, effortless look that still adapts to the easy-going nature of the situation. For a change of attitude, when worn with ankle boots and t-shirts, sweatshirts, and baggy clothes in general, these pieces deliver a relaxed, laidback vibe that perfectly matches the urban landscape. For those men who like to stay in the loop of new trends or simply enjoy fashion and want to experiment with their wardrobes, white jeans are a great choice to incorporate some fun and lighten up any kind of casual outfit. Thanks to their bright tone, white designs give a youthful appearance to ensembles while still keeping a classy feeling. If you love creating bold looks that will impress for all the right reasons, these pieces ensure a striking effect. Yet, since they are still denim garments, they are indeed easy and versatile to combine. If you love creating bold looks that will impress for all the right reasons and you're ready to go for a statement piece, ripped jeans ensure a striking effect and pinpoint the spotlight of the ensemble on them. However, the best part is that since they are still denim garments, they are as easy and versatile to combine as other designs. On the other hand, cropped jeans are sophisticated pieces that, thanks to their shorter silhouette, show the ankles, shifting the focus to that part. That's why they're ideal for wearing with a pair of statement shoes. You can balance the whole ensemble by adding another original accessory to the upper part that makes the difference.