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Achieve an effortless style with our collection of men's basic and smooth sweatshirts

When thinking about staple pieces which a man can never have one too many, surely sweatshirts come to mind. Zara's menswear collection intends to provide a comprehensive assortment of sweatshirts for men to help everyone create a solid daily wear wardrobe. Sweatshirts were initially created at the beginning of the 20th century having in mind a mere practical approach: for athletes to warm up and not cool down during workouts –avoiding injury risk–. And ever since, they have been taking up more and more space in casual wardrobes. Hooded sweatshirts were designed a bit later, during the 1930s, to push the garment's functionality even more. That was precisely the reason behind creating the short-sleeved sweatshirt as well, since it is a hybrid garment that keeps the body warm but to the extent that allows you to exercise comfortably. Usually made out of soft cotton, basic sweatshirts are as cozy as possible and as easy to combine as possible. The different designs can be treated as the main element of a carefree, cool, and baggy urban look, or they can be paired with chinos and even an unstructured blazer to build an interesting, balanced outfit full of contrasts. On the other hand, they can also be an ideal complement over t-shirts or under jackets, and either way, they bring a great deal of style and warmth. When it comes to creating a reliable capsule collection, the black sweatshirt is an infallible option to consider. Comfortable enough for every man to run around the city in it with a pair of statement sneakers, but also sophisticated enough to attend a casual social gathering if teamed up with black pants, a sleek leather jacket, or an iconic trench coat and a pair of boots. For an option that will have a similar outcome style-wise, its counterpart, the white sweatshirt, is another must-have in every masculine wardrobe. Thanks to its lighter tone, it infuses everyday outfits with a breeze of fresh air, and it is a winning bet when combined with other neutral tones to create a complete striking look. If you are looking for a powerful impact and enjoy putting up street-style outfits, oversized sweatshirts are the epitome of trendy and laid-back vibes. Plus, there are two very different ways to go about them. For balanced outfits, slim-fitted pants will create a well-rounded effect, while if you pursue a more impactful easy-going appearance, finishing off with loose bottoms gives the whole set a strong, edgy, masculine aura.