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Men's Jeans in Every Style and Fit

Men's jeans are an basic part of every casual wardrobe and ZARA's online collection pays homage to this historic garment by offering a multitude of options in this collection. These jeans can be paired with a number of different garments and accessories to elevate the look or add a modern urban touch. In this edition, the color palette of men's jeans goes beyond indigo, the authentic blue denim, presenting other tones that offer a subtle twist and open the door to new looks. In fact, gray jeans for men, black jeans or models with lighter washes create impeccable looks for everyday wear. This fabric also embraces trends and comes in modern silhouettes that elevate this iconic garment and adapt it to today's lifestyle. But before choosing the right size of jeans for men, it is basic to know which fit best suits your silhouette. ZARA's men's jeans are ideal for casual work environments where sober designs are the best way to go. A pair of jeans with a blazer is an excellent combination, as it provides the exact amount of sophistication needed for casual denim. Slim-cut models have a distinctly casual feel and are ideal for creating urban looks. Pair them with sneakers or ankle boots to create a simple and contemporary look. For longer days, denim looks great overnight, with little to no creasing no matter how long you sit and for added comfort, jeans with elasticated waistbands offer the right fit for every man. On the cusp of streetwear and casual style, vintage-effect or ripped jeans are strong options that perfectly complement powerful looks, no matter the silhouette or leg type. Thanks to their low rise or loose fit, baggy or slouchy designs are the ideal complement to summer short-sleeved shirts and wide T-shirts with printed messages and illustrations. Similarly, cargo jeans, with pockets and a practical, functional look, also add a note of functionality mixed with style. The most relaxed and comfortable silhouette can be found in jogger jeans, as they are lighter in weight and their sporty style with elastic details allows total freedom of movement. Jeans are an invaluable on-trend ally, and thanks to the wide variety of silhouettes and styles, it's easy to find the right fit for every preference and occasion among the different types of men's jeans.