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Men's overshirts collection for an extra layer of style

Season after season, men's overshirts stand their ground thanks to their great adaptability, which makes them an ideal piece to layer up in style. That is why Zara's menswear collection has designated a special spot for this must-have garment arriving in different materials and designs that will satisfy every taste and provide options for various occasions. Originating from workwear and military uniforms back in the 19th century, these pieces have evolved into a fashion staple since they can be worn as an outer transeasonal layer or as a mid-layer for an extra dose of warmth during colder months. On the most classic end of the spectrum, all types of men always have well-liked flannel overshirts. Regardless of being plain or patterned, these garments bring an incredible amount of comfort, and they also possess an amazing potential to be combined with varied kinds of clothing. Solid-color versions are a great help to add depth to minimalistic looks, while printed designs like check overshirts really complement simple outfits and bring them to the next level of style. This is a great idea for a total look in neutral shades to make the outcome visually attractive and appealing. On the contrary, printed designs like check overshirts really complement simple outfits that need to spice up and bring them to the next level of style. In terms of protection, some designs cover the range from really thick pieces to practically weightless alternatives. The padded overshirt is a popular choice for colder months, as it provides added insulation and warmth. This style is often made with quilted or padded materials and can come in a range of colors and patterns. The padded overshirt is perfect for wearing underneath a heavier coat or showing it solo during milder winter days. On the other hand, lightweight overshirts are to be considered when the temperature starts to rise or when you want to go for a more dimensional look. When it comes to materials, this piece morphs strikingly well into a wide selection of them. For ultimately cool, relaxed, and urban looks, denim overshirts add a fresh vibe that flows perfectly from cosmopolitan settings to the very heart of the countryside. If you want to pursue a more challenging, more powerful aesthetic and create an impact no matter where you go, a leather overshirt will pass the test with flying colors.