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Men's denim jackets collection, featuring different colors and silhouettes

For an ultimately comprehensive wardrobe including everything a man needs, there are a variety of garments in unmissable fabrics that you can always rely on, one of them being knit. Hence, Zara’s menswear collection has included a unique selection of men’s knitwear that will provide any masculine closet with timeless and trendy designs for different occasions and tastes. There are multiple types of knit included in this selection. Light sweaters and cardigans will be one of your best allies for those sunny days when the weather is fickle, the temperatures are still a little bit low, or just for occasions where you need an extra layer. On the other hand, for some cozy vibes in which you can attend any casual event or just snuggle up in style, cable-knit sweaters are iconic pieces that possess a calm and incredibly stylish aesthetic. As far as must-haves for daily looks go, the v-neck and the crew-neck sweater will always have your back and help you build impeccable ensembles. Thanks to their versatile nature, they have the potential to become the star of an outfit to which you can add a modern magnetic touch by accessorizing them with masculine pendants. When pursuing a slightly more mature and sartorial appearance, these garments are flawless companions to layer on top of shirts and create looks with a dimension that conveys a visually-pleasing effect and adapt effortlessly to business-casual contexts. Among other techniques to keep outfits attractive to the eye adding this mentioned dimensional appearance, knitted vests are a trendy alternative. Still, they are not the only ones: half-zip sweaters and full zip-up sweaters also bring a similar outcome. However, it all depends on which aesthetic you want to go for. When wishing to exude an up-to-date vibe, vests are the way to go, while if you’re striving for a dynamic yet classic charm, zipped sweaters may be a smart move. Knit sweatshirts have been in the spotlight to further emphasize a casual outfit's sporty and playful energy. Their relaxed appeal makes for stylish, comfortable looks best paired with sneakers or vintage running shoes to display a put-together attitude.