Features and care

Perfumes, candles and cosmetics

Perfumes, candles and cosmetics

Our perfumes and their ingredients are not tested on animals to evaluate the product or for any other reason. They are dermatologically tested: skin compatibility testing is done under dermatological control.

  • Composition: Each of our products has a list of ingredients. You can consult the label for each product.
  • Care recommendations for perfumes: Store in a cool place and do not expose directly to sunlight. Store perfume upright, not on its side.
  • The ingredients in our candles are vegetable oil-basedwax.
  • Our lipsticks are made with waxes and oils to obtain a comfortable and creamy texture. Keep in mind that if exposed to sudden changes in temperature, these oils may appear as small droplets on the surface of the lipstick The lipstick will retain its original appearance, without affecting the product quality, when the temperature stabilises.