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Camisole Dresses for Day and Night

Zara's edit of camisole dresses gives these wardrobe basics their well-deserved place as a synonym for uncomplicated femininity. A cami dress portrays the girl-next-door look like no other. When going for this innocent vibe, white dresses, and pink dresses will add the ideal sweet yet easygoing note to build a timeless top-tier outfit. Choosing other colors is all there's to do when wanting to make a powerful impression. Green dresses still keep the sheer energy of this garment while ensuring you'll stand out from the crowd. The same occurs with red dresses. The lace dress is always a winning bet if you want to pursue a more mature and enticing look. For a mix of both styles, slip dresses are a trendy and alluring alternative. The great thing about these pieces is that they can be worn loose and flowy or tight with a belt to emphasize every curve and buttoned or unbuttoned with a top underneath.