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  • Suits For Men

    ZARA's men's suits come in a variety of silhouettes and a vast colour palette to suit every style for every man. From classic cuts and sober tones to on-trend ensembles, this edit offers an array of options perfect for any occasion. Men's black suits offer unlimited combinations to create powerful outfits for any occasion, whether formal or festive. Meanwhile, grey suits for men also offer a wide range of different combinations in order to provide a versatile alternative that gives a subtle touch of light to the final look. From special occasions to parties, our men's suits edit suits all types of wardrobes, ranging from those with sophisticated and timeless styles to those who enjoy being completely fashionable.
    • VISCOSE - LINEN SUIT - 131 by Zara
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    • WOOL BLEND SUIT - 094 by Zara
    • WOOL BLEND SUIT - 094 by Zara
    • WOOL BLEND SUIT - 480 by Zara
    • WOOL BLEND SUIT - 480 by Zara
    • WOOL BLEND SUIT - 380 by Zara
    • WOOL BLEND SUIT - 380 by Zara
    • STRAIGHT-FIT SUIT - 180 by Zara
    • STRAIGHT-FIT SUIT - 180 by Zara
    • LOOK - 149 by Zara
    • LOOK - 149 by Zara
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    • WOOL BLEND SUIT - 098 by Zara
    • SLIM FIT SUIT - 180 by Zara
    • SLIM FIT SUIT - 080 by Zara
    • TALL LEATHER BOOTS - Black by Zara
    • MINIMALIST SHOES - Black by Zara
    • LEATHER CROSSBODY BAG - Black by Zara
    • SLIM FIT SUIT - 142 by Zara
    • SLIM FIT SUIT - 042 by Zara
    • COMFORT SUIT - 040 by Zara
    • COMFORT SUIT - 042 by Zara
    • HOUNDSTOOTH SUIT - 840 by Zara
    • HOUNDSTOOTH SUIT - 840 by Zara
    • 100% LINEN SUIT - 093 by Zara
    • 100% LINEN SUIT - 093 by Zara
    • COMFORT SUIT - 180 by Zara
    • COMFORT SUIT - 080 by Zara
    • VISCOSE - LINEN SUIT - 128 by Zara
    • LOOK - 671 by Zara
    • 100% LINEN SUIT - 305 by Zara
    • TEXTURED SUIT - 843 by Zara
    • STRAIGHT FIT SUIT - 130 by Zara
    • STRAIGHT FIT SUIT - 129 by Zara
    • STRAIGHT-FIT SUIT - 625 by Zara
    • STRAIGHT-FIT SUIT - 097 by Zara
    • 100% LINEN SUIT - 850 by Zara
    • STRAIGHT-FIT SUIT - 170 by Zara

Classic and Modern Suits for Men

Uncomplicated suits for men. ZARA online presents ideal fits for every silhouette in versatile, timeless colours perfect for both smart and casual outfits. No dress code should compromise a man's personal dress style. This is why our collection features casual options in fluid fabrics such as linen suits to allow for greater freedom of movement for those looking for an informal wedding guest look. A tie-less suit at a wedding is a modern statement, as is the radical monochrome trend, such as an ensemble of a black suit, black tie and black shirt. ZARA's men's suits adapt to any formal occasion, giving a fresh look. Featuring updated designs, our navy blue suits can be paired with as many different combinations as you desire, making them the perfect choice at any event throughout the year. Another great option when it comes to creating men's outfits for graduation or other formal events is a grey suit with a white shirt. Pair with minimalist white trainers for a contemporary twist and you've got yourself the perfect 24/7 look. Aside from a more traditional smart look, men's suits have definitely made their way into street style, with a style of sleek lines and structured silhouettes. Combining them with T-shirts and light jumpers is now part of the new dress code. In addition to the classic silhouette, this ZARA edit features a wide variety of fits to suit each man's individual comfort and achieve the desired look. Our slim-fit suit fits the figure perfectly and is ideal for creating semi-formal looks, and for a more modern twist, the skinny silhouette takes the suit into a more relaxed territory. Conversely, relaxed wide silhouette suits bring back the style of decades past with details such as XL buttons, shoulder pads and double-breasted jackets. On the more demanding occasions where there is no room for error, men's black suits allow for simple combinations with which to pass with flying colours and style. A black suit with a blue tie is a classic in business meetings and special celebrations, given that it favours any man in terms of colour conveying professionalism, reliability and serenity —a perfect match without any risks. In addition to being a brighter option, grey suits for men go equally well with different colours, since they are a neutral tone. And whether it's a monochromatic ensemble, with a shirt or T-shirt, or even with some kind of printed pattern, grey suits are a men's wardrobe staple which will stand both the test of time as well as trends. Of course, men's suits should not be worn exclusively at specific occasions, as they allow for 3-in-1 wear; the combination of trousers, trainers and a biker jacket is utterly urban. Meanwhile, a blazer can transform a man's look and take it to the next level when paired with jeans, chinos or even cargo trousers.