Men's skinny jeans with special details for an upgraded silhouette.

Skinny jeans for men earned their righteous spot in every masculine wardrobe long ago thanks to their sturdy fabric, flattering silhouette, and infinite combination potential. Zara’s menswear collection could not leave behind such a fundamental piece to create all kinds of casual outfits. In fact, if we talk about an infallible basic look, it indeed comes to mind a pair of skinny jeans and a basic white t-shirt. An outfit that genuinely always prevails and has been able to endure successfully through the history of recent fashion. Thanks to its original color, a pair of blue jeans in this fit and a basic upper part are the ideal white canvas on which you can unleash your creativity, dressing it up or down. When there are a million errands on the agenda, just adding a pair of comfortable sneakers to the ensemble will make you look fresh and ready for everything. If an impromptu lunch suddenly springs up, a blazer is all needed for the look to appear totally put together and give it a slightly more mature touch. For those men who follow the trends and enjoy incorporating little accents and complements to their ensembles, these minimalistic garments are a flawless base to layer and accessorize with shirts, overshirts, beanies, pendants, and much more. Referring to the true meaning of versatility, skinny black jeans also possess this quality. They can be paired with different pieces, achieving totally different styles. For instance, wearing a leather jacket and boots builds a powerful, rugged outfit, which can be pushed further by incorporating a tougher-looking design, like a pair of ripped jeans. However, when going for other, more elevated alternatives of skinny jeans for men, be it in black or any different tone, a pair of cropped jeans teams perfectly with a button-up shirt and loafers for an ultimately sleek look. For a change of air in any masculine closet, white jeans are a refreshing breeze that will bring light to casual outfits and bring them to the next level. These pieces have everything: thanks to their hue, they are natural attention seekers while still being in the sophisticated neutral-tones realm, they add the desired amount of fun, excitement, and variation, and they’re easy to style as well. Suppose you want to experiment with shapes and silhouettes while still being incredibly tasteful. In that case, the tapered fit brings a vintage flavor to any outfit that looks irresistible when paired with any kind of footwear, from boat shoes to ankle boots and sneakers.