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Versatile co-ord sets for women

Matching pieces and co-ord sets have become key pieces of any woman’s wardrobe thanks to their cohesive appearance and their irresistible readiness to be worn. Zara’s womenswear collection aims to provide every feminine repertoire with co-ord sets that range from casual situations to the most formal events. As extensive as it gets, this selection has considered everything from daily denim co-ords and knitted co-ords to going-out co-ords such as our sequined designs that will turn heads as you get into the hottest clubs. When it comes to silhouettes, the edit has included shorts and full-length trouser co-ords as well as skirt and top co-ords in mini, midi, and maxi designs. The colour story this time is a wide one, with classic options as seen on our white and black co-ord sets as well as bright and trendy hues that go from pink co-ords to green sets so that every preference is addressed and nobody misses a matching set in their wardrobes this season.

The ultimate co-ords comprising a top and skirt, shorts, or trousers.

Co-ord sets for women have been on the rise forever due to their absolute timelessness and their capacity to create ensembles that look as put together as it gets in little to no time. Zara’s newest womenswear collection offers a wide selection of coordinated looks, including top and trousers co-ords, as well as top and skirt sets. When it comes to volumes and length, the selection guarantees alternatives that cover an extensive amount of different situations and personal preferences. While trouser sets come in full length and in shorts co-ords, skirt matching sets are available in designs that range from mini to maxi and midi skirt co-ords. Alongside a comprehensive colour palette in which classic tones like the ones shown on our white and black co ords have been considered, this selection also offers other designs in vivid hues like our pink co-ords and green co-ords. The variation not only shows in the shades, but it’s also noticeable in the different types of fabrics available. For a summery and romantic touch, the crochet co-ord sets are the ideal bet, while linen co-ords ensure a fresh and impeccable appearance even in the warmest climates. Among the daily designs, nothing screams versatility more than a denim co-ord set. Easy to wear, this well-rounded garment will follow you from day to night, whether you are in an urban or in a more rural environment embuing your looks with a simplicity that’s at the same time full of style. For a slightly higher alternative, you can choose a blue co-ord in another material that elevates the overall look while benefiting from the adaptability of the blue colour. Another great idea to build cohesive outfits and feel put together in your day-to-day life is going for a knitted co-ord. Knit is an unmissable fabric that has to be in every feminine wardrobe, and so featured in a matching set, which is one of the most effortless pieces of clothing to exist, the outcome is a garment that will have your back no matter what. When there’s a party coming up, our going-out co-ords will be the best companion and one which with you can shine and dance the night away if going for options like our sequin co-ords or the absolutely trendy mini skirt co-ords. If the special occasion takes place during the day or you are actually going to attend a fabulous festival, our breezy summer co-ord sets and our special festival co-ords will keep your outfit looking its best and will match the joyful energy ideally well. If the event requires it, this selection also has a penchant for minimal and elegant versions, as shown in our trousers and blazer co-ords or our blazer and shorts co-ords. If opting for a skirt option, plisse co-ords possess an innate refinement that builds sophisticated and classy outfits instantly.