Slim Fit

    • TRF SLIM-FIT CARGO JEANS - Dark indigo by Zara
  • Skinny Jeans: When Comfort and Style Go Hand in Hand

    Women's skinny jeans are among the most popular because of the way they shape the body and because they are guaranteed to be comfortable in any situation. The selection ranges from basic skinny jeans to skinny jeans with a slit at the hem, highlighting the style's willingness to embrace the latest trends. Also available are other favourite versions, including ripped skinny jeans and stretch skinny jeans. Whether it's blue skinny jeans or black skinny jeans, the colours in the collection can be effortlessly combined with all kinds of outfits for every occasion. Oversized sweatshirts and trainers accentuate their comfort, while delicate tops and heeled sandals help to keep skinny jeans in tune with evening events.
    • TRF SLIM LEG MID-RISE JEANS - Navy blue by Zara

Zara Presents Its Versatile Selection of Skinny Jeans and Jeggings

Creating an exceptional casual look is a simple task when Zara's women's skinny jeans come into play. Women's skinny fit jeans are extremely popular thanks to their comfort and body shaping qualities. One of its other selling points is that they work effortlessly with everything from ballerina flats to platform heeled sandals, as well as with both fitted and loose-fitting tops. Therefore, the collection adapts to all preferences with a variety of versions ranging from mid-rise skinny jeans to high-waisted skinny offerings. In this edition, the basic skinny jeans for everyday wear coexist with ripped skinny jeans that add that casual feel to the design. A vintage effect that does not serve to limit their combination possibilities, but quite the opposite. Ripped skinny jeans for women can be worn with an oversized sweatshirt and chunky-soled trainers for a comfortable, trendy look, however, one should not underestimate the charming contrast when paired with an original top and delicate high-heeled sandals. There is also room for trends that show just how much more there is to say about skinny jeans when it comes to taking on new concepts and inspirations. One of them is skinny jeans with a slit at the hem, a style that reveals part of the ankle to further slim the figure and, incidentally, make the shoes the centre of attention. And as with all the other styles, pairing the look with a blazer and heels elevates the look and sets the scene for an elegant setting. Passion for skinny jeans is at its best in Zara's stretch skinny jeans and jeggings, designed to cling to the body like a second skin and bring out the full potential of the feminine silhouette. Meanwhile, slim jeans for women are ideal when—for aesthetic or purely stylistic reasons—you are looking for trousers that are slightly more separated from the body. The colour range of Zara's skinny jeans is a winning bet in any of its options, as the collection gives prominence to the most versatile and timeless shades. From must-have blue skinny jeans to white skinny jeans in tune with the brightest tops in the wardrobe. At the other end of the spectrum are black skinny jeans and their unquestionable ability to be the starting point for a number of different looks, including a total black look that plays with skin and lace details for a result that is as sultry as it is full of character. Flattering and easy to mix and match, grey skinny jeans are another great addition to your wardrobe.