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Men's sweatshirts for easy and comfy looks

From basic to embellished designs, Zara’s men’s sweatshirt collection includes a vast variety of styles, fits, and patterns. From a basic loungewear and activewear item, the male sweatshirt has evolved over the years to become a true everyday fashion statement, allowing men to express themselves in bold and more trendy ways than ever before. A sweatshirt is a very versatile item, as it stems from its active and loungewear origins, but nevertheless is stepping up to the world of male fashion with all its glory. It starts from basic styles to more complex and creative designs that ooze confidence. Soft and warm, this item envelops the body with cosy materials yet feels lightweight and allows freedom of body movement and breathability, making it an all-year-round go-to winner. The basic sweatshirt is a great start, lending its subtle essence to any outfit, whether paired with jogging bottoms or jeans; its simple yet practical design could feature a crew neck or a draw-string hood for extra coverage. The hoodie is the ultimate sweatshirt as it is suitable for both everyday use and active moments. The hood acts as an additional layer that protects from sudden drizzle or chill, making this item a practical and useful solution for many. Long-sleeved styles are an ongoing safe bet, whereas short sleeve ones have been introduced into this category, making the short-sleeved sweatshirt an unbeatable choice that keeps the same level of comfort while offering a lighter feel during warmer days. Special silhouettes include oversized and boxy sweatshirts, a wider fit that allows ample space for movement and aligns with contemporary fashion. From monochrome to the basic black sweatshirt or white sweatshirt and thereafter to endless shades and colour choices, Zara’s men’s sweatshirt range presents soft fabrics and contemporary textures that fit the most lux versions of this all-year rounder. Different pockets allow you to make use of their storing properties or just enjoy them as a detailed touch, while zippers appear on collars and centre fastening as practical variations for men on the go. From lounging to leisure and right to fashionable impacts, our selection of men’s sweatshirts offers everything a man needs without compromising his aesthetics. Simply style it up with denim or casual trousers and a pair of contemporary trainers for the ultimate look.