Men's puffer coats to keep every look warm and on-trend

Zara’s range of men’s outerwear sees coats and jackets for men as more than just a warm layer to protect from weather conditions. Nowadays, men are choosing to express themselves in every aspect of their outfits, with the outer layers acting as a seal of approval for their personal taste and style. Our collection’s designs offer a variety of styles and silhouettes that bring sophistication and trendy looks to basic outerwear pieces such as these. Despite their weight and volume on the body, these items allow smart detailing and finishes to set the tone for the entire outfit whilst keeping their role as protective layers. When the temperature drops down, a men’s puffer coat is the ultimate warmer, providing ultimate insulation and protection thanks to its thick padding. A padded coat may also be considered in this scenario as it comes in different lengths to provide several levels of cover. With maximum insulation in mind comes the down jacket, an outerwear item that ensures the best warmth due to the nature of its filling that ensures maximum warmth. Hooded coats are a great choice for changing weather, as the unexpected shower might hit without warning; these pieces provide a great solution on the go. The hood might normally stay lay down loose but any sign of raindrops means it can be swiftly pulled over the head and keep you dry without needing an umbrella. Within all these styles is the quilted jacket, drawing its inspiration from a slightly more sartorial feel thanks to its construction. This is a great item to show off a masculine silhouette that’s both flattering and practical. The quilted patterns vary in design and act as a distinctive texture with creative patterns that keep the jacket’s filling securely in place. For lighter options, why not try our ultralight puffer jacket for an easy-to-wear item without the heaviness, it is perfect for those who want to feel light but keep the element of warmth in one. A padded vest is also basic as it leaves ample freedom of arm movement and is great for the outdoors. Today’s padded vests are just as trendy as any item in a man’s wardrobe, making their mark in both urban and rural scenarios. Zara’s men’s outerwear selection offers a vast choice of styles, fits, cuts, colours, and fabrics. From technical performance to naturally insulating materials, finding a true matching item for any purpose is easy.