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Shoes for men to step up all kinds of outfits

Our online selection of Zara’s men’s shoes is an irresistible collection of items that cross over from formal to casual with uncompromised dedication to comfort and style as one. More than ever, men’s shoes are the perfect way to complete any outfit and lend a significant effect that can determine the way you look and feel. Whether leather, fabric, or canvas, Zara’s men’s shoe collection is made with impeccable materials that serve each style without fail. The colour schemes go from subtle monochrome to bold shades with textures and patterns, and contrast detailing that stands out. A man’s shoes are the epitome of style as they act as an important nuance to the outfit, ensuring a concise manner throughout or providing a refreshing twist. Subtle plain colours such as Black, brown, or Tan go seamlessly with any look and are timeless. Bolder colours and patterns are a way to express yourself and add a playful extension to your entire outfit. Formal shoes such as Brogues and Derby shoes are the ultimate classic choice when it comes to formal attire for special occasions or work. Black shoes and brown shoes in smart designs are the perfect companions for a suit or semi-formal attire, as they lend an elegant flair like no other. Worn with a sleek pair of jeans or semi-smart trousers, they can still act as a great finishing touch that elevates more relaxed looks. For smart-casual looks, choose a pair of boat shoes or moccasins together with chinos or jeans and show off the ankle for a more leisurely impact. Those are especially suitable for milder days when a pair of socks is not required and allow a fresh feel. For active moments look no further as our range of trainers covers endless styles, from casual ones for daily wear and on to performance trainers such as running shoes. Today’s activewear has crossed over into trendy everyday fashion; thus, trainers are entirely acceptable as a complementing item to any outfit. Leisure and relaxing at-home moments are also within our selection of men’s shoes, with sophisticated yet comfortable slippers and sliders that accompany you at home and away. Slippers come in many shapes and materials, but they are far from being an old-school item that leaves no room for flattery. Today’s men’s slippers offer both comfort and sophistication, allowing you to unleash your inner fashionista even when at home. Sliders are particularly practical for holidays and warmer days thanks to the swift way they are worn; simply pop them on to compliment a casual beach look with trendy shorts and a patterned short-sleeved shirt. Whatever footwear your heart desires, we have you covered. Discover Zara’s men’s footwear ranges today and find your perfect pair.