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Must-have men's T-shirts for effortlessly cool outfits

A man’s wardrobe is not complete without the basic all-year-round T-shirt. Whether on its own or acting as a basic underlayer beneath shirts and knitwear, men’s T-shirts are must-have pieces of clothing that also allow you to make fashionable solid statements. Starting off, the basic T-shirt is a pivotal item for under layering but is nevertheless significant as a part of training gear or activewear. Thanks to its thin and lightweight jersey fabric, the T-shirt is breathable and allows air circulation whilst fitting the body with skin-like comfort. Perfect when paired with some shorts or jogging bottoms, the basic T-shirt can be worn alone or under a sweatshirt or hoodie. For more formal days, a plain T-shirt is a welcoming relief under a tailored shirt, creating an insulating yet breathable absorbent layer that keeps your shirt intact. A basic plain black T-shirt or white T-shirt are great choices as they work well under dark or light-coloured shirts. It also lends a blocking effect keeping the chest from coming across as see-through in the case of lightweight shirt fabrics while maintaining a cohesive look. With a variety of fits, T-shirts come in different cuts and textures that offer little for the imagination. Whether slim or relaxed, Zara’s men’s T-shirt collection covers anyone’s personal fit preferences and maintains an easy choice for any occasion. Endless creative designs are depicted in the range, including printed T-shirts, graphic T-shirts, and textured ones. For those who really want to make a bold statement, a printed T-shirt can showcase different art forms and inscribed texts that express one’s state of mind. Along with the traditional short-sleeved version, the long-sleeved T-shirt comes in handy when the temperatures are lower. Same as its short-sleeved peer, it can be worn in the same ways whilst providing extra coverage to the arms if on its own. For real men of fashion, contemporary designs such as the oversized T-shirt and knit Tee offer a more modern twist to the classics and allow one to unleash their creative side. These modern-day silhouettes can also be found in our other ranges, such as jackets and sweatshirts. Whether lounging at home, being active, or dressing in your daily gear, Zara’s men’s T-shirt collection prepares you for any situation and occasion.