At Zara you can find a wide range of garments in natural, artificial and synthetic materials. You will have detailed information about the composition of each item both on and on the garment itself.
Our Animal Welfare Policy includes ethical standards in the use of animal products in accordance with the "Five Freedoms" of animal welfare for the ethical and conscientious treatment of animals. You can find more information here.
We work with monitoring programmes to ensure compliance with our social, environmental and health and safety standards for our garments.
To assess compliance, we have developed a programme of audits and continuous improvement plans.
You can visit our Join Life section for more information.
For each product, you can find information for optimal care of your garments both on the website as well as on the labels of our garments.
We have also created a guide to help you take care of your garments and extend their life. Visit Care for your clothes for more information.