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Men's Denim Shirts

The denim shirt finds its roots in practicality but has become a timeless fashion must-have. This perennial piece is invaluable in casual wardrobes as it works with tailored trousers and shoes as well as it does a coordinating pair of jeans and leather boots. Striking an always on-trend note, a denim shirt holds the same status as corduroy, checked flannel and linen shirts – they’re an item that will never go out of style. Our collection of denim shirts for men comes in multiple styles, from classic cowboy-inspired blue to patchwork and patterned. Basic styles are countered with distressed, paint-spattered and striped designs, while the edit comes with long-sleeve and short-sleeved options. Oversized and slim fits complete the comprehensive offering. To add variety to original true-blue, the collection comes in myriad shades: from green and pink, to striped yellow and floral finishes. Easy to wear over vests and t-shirts, under jumpers and jackets, or solo for an effortless ensemble, they are as comfortable as they are cool making them a core everyday piece.