Payment methods

The following payment methods are available:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
    American Express
  • Paypal
  • Gift Card
    Gift Card

If paying with a Gift Card, you can find additional information in the Gift Card section.

For online purchases made at any of our stores with an IPOD, you may pay online on the actual iPod or at the in-store register, where you can use the same payment options available for purchases made in physical stores.

Time of payment

Your order will be charged at the time of shipment.

If you’ve paid with Paypal or a Gift Card, the payment will go through as soon as the purchase is completed.

Some banking institutions may withhold a pre-authorization and an actual charge. This amount will automatically be deleted. If that is not the case, we recommend that you contact your bank so they may expedite removal of the pre-authorization withholding amount.

Secure purchase

The security of the information that customers entrust with is one of our top priorities.

At, we invest a large amount of resources and use the most recent technologies available to ensure your data is processed in secure environments.

Our e-commerce platform boasts multiple best practices certifications for information security management, and also complies with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards which verify that we follow the most rigorous industry recommendations and standards in order to offer you a shopping experience within a private, trusted and secure environment.