Puffer Jackets

Women's Down Jackets and Quilted Jackets

Women's quilted jackets are once again claiming their rightful place in casual collections as a garment that combines comfort and warmth with a good amount of style. Thanks to their design, quilted coats are timeless pieces that adapt to new trends. This is the case of après ski style; alpine-inspired garments that make you dream of idyllic winter holidays even in the middle of the city. For this, wear a women's puffer or a quilted gilet with a chunky turtleneck jumper. Women's quilted jackets are one of the star garments because of their adaptability to all kinds of temperatures and occasions. The coldest days call for a long down jacket that offers maximum protection, and even if the temperature rises a few degrees, the light women's down jacket guarantees the necessary level of warmth with maximum freedom of movement.

Women's Down Jackets: Comfort, Trend and Warmth

Women's quilted jackets are one of the most basics outerwear items when the temperatures drop. Not only are they warm, but they also need to be comfortable and, of course, have an aesthetic that transcends the seasons. Zara's collection of quilted coats understands the needs of these pieces and includes a range of designs, from stylish women's puffers that will complement casual looks perfectly to versatile options such as quilted sports jackets. As a wardrobe staple, the quilted jacket is a must-have for all kinds of casual looks, and can even be adapted to more sporty outfits. Thanks to the latest developments, even the lightest women's down jacket offers optimal insulation from the cold and an attractive look that blends in perfectly with the urban environment. At the pinnacle of functionality, the waterproof quilted jacket is always a great companion, whether it's for weekend getaways or dealing with unexpected downpours in the city. For unforeseen weather, it never hurts to rely on an light down jacket for women; a lightweight garment that allows maximum freedom of movement, takes up little space and provides optimal protection in cold weather. Among the practicality-focused offerings is also the long down jacket, which offers unlimited warmth thanks to its length. In streetstyle terms, the oversize quilted jacket is a garment that combines all the technical features of a maxi-size women's down jacket and gives casual outfits a trendy urban touch. When versatility is taken into account, the black jacket adds so many combination possibilities that it becomes one of the key pieces in a woman's wardrobe. Its understated colour infuses a touch of sophistication into this eminently casual piece of outerwear. The oversized quilted jacket is not the only stylish women's quilted jacket. On the opposite side of the silhouette spectrum, the cropped jacket is the ideal choice if what you're looking for is a weather-proof outfit that also enhances your silhouette. Pair with corduroy trousers and fur or sheepskin-lined boots to create a casual yet warm look. In keeping with this trend, the quilted gilet, paired with a chunky knit alpine jumper, makes for an outfit that conveys adventure and comfort at the same time.