Zara's bomber jackets for on-trend man's looks

Zara's range of men's bomber jackets is the ultimate go-to selection for a casual outer layer with a sleek look. This casual jacket is offered in various designs, textures, colours, and fits, allowing you to find the perfect option to suit your style. Zara's bomber jacket collection includes subtle designs with clean lines and monochrome colours, while other styles are embellished with contrast detailing, bold shades, and artwork. Plain colourways are offered alongside stripes and textures that make an outfit stand out to perfection. Oversized or slim, this selection of jackets caters for anyone's preferences. The men's bomber jackets collection presents different fabrics and finishes, from more sturdy materials such as wool and leather to technical and water-repellent options that flow more freely on the body but nevertheless provide protection for rainy weather. At the classic peak is the timeless basic bomber jacket; it comes in solid colours and lends a subtle yet sophisticated silhouette to any outfit. Available in various necklines and fastening options, it can enhance your insulation with a high neck that's zipped all the way up or keep a more sartorial look with a fold-down collar and button fastening. Side pockets are often included and help keep your hands warm whilst providing useful storage for your keys and wallet. American baseball icons inspire the varsity jacket, evolving to the popular street and off-duty looks and into modern pop culture. Wear it with your favourite T-shirt or knitwear for a nonchalant approach, and pair it with Denim jeans as the perfect duo. For a fashionable statement that keeps things interesting, it is the leather bomber jacket offers an elevated effect, lending sophistication to your look and allowing a more elegant feel that suits different occasions with a nod to classic old-school looks. If weather-proof options are required, our quilted and padded bomber jackets are on point to keep you warm while looking smart. These pieces offer good protection from the chill with a lux effect acquired by the detailing. Lay them over any outfit to ensure you are well-protected whilst looking fabulous. Whatever the occasion and weather, we have you covered with the best this range has at hand for an impeccable and fashionable look that leaves a strong impression.