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To make a purchase on you need to sign up as a REGISTERED user.

Registering is very easy. We will only ask you for the information we need to speed up the purchase process.

You will find format examples in the registration form to help you when you enter details such as your telephone number.
Your order information and registration details will always be available to you through the link your account.

Order modifications

After completing your purchase we will send you a confirmation email with all the details.
Please remember that it will not be possible to amend your order if it is already in an advanced stage of preparation.

Shopping basket

You can view the contents of your purchase in your basket and change or delete the number of items in your order.

Please remember that does not guarantee that items you save in your basket will remain in stock. Therefore, if one of them sells out, you will be able to see that information in that section.

Price changes

All our items are priced the same online and in store.

Since this is a computerise system, that is updated from time to time the product prices can be updated during your purchase. The binding price is the price that was given to the Customer at the time the order was completed.

Please keep in mind we do not adjust prices for items whose original prices may have been reduced.


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