Women's Trousers for Every Occasion

ZARA presents its collection of trousers for women with the firm intention of helping women find their ideal cut. Trousers are one of the most versatile and easy to combine garments due to their variety of fits, materials and styles; this makes them the daily basis of most looks. Trousers can be worn for any occasion, from the most casual to the most formal. The key is to choose the right style for each moment and know how to combine them with the right garments. Special events, such as a weddings, are becoming an increasingly popular choice for party looks with trousers. One of the most appropriate outfits for special occasions is a pair of wide trousers with a sophisticated top, the result is a perfect look for both morning and evening events. Another good option is printed trousers and a blazer that matches the colour palette of the trousers. Dress trousers are very common in formal work environments. Women's chino trousers are a great option for work because of their cool and soft fabric. Available in neutral colours, they can easily be paired with other basic wardrobe staples. For an urban yet light look, go for white trousers and a knitted top —satin-finish trousers add an elegant touch. Another great option from the ZARA collection is a pair of linen trousers, the perfect ally for a cool office look. ZARA's Bermuda shorts collection comes in a variety of fabrics and fits. This cut can be paired with both high boots and heeled sandals for an elegant and original silhouette with interesting masculine accents. And if there is such a thing as a versatile trouser style, then it's the leather-effect trousers. They elevate a basic look to another level thanks to the richness of textures they bring to the table. They can also be worn in a smart setting, paired with a blazer, or worn casually with a sweatshirt. Our women's trousers collection caters to all needs, and comfort plays a major role. Innovative sports fabrics allow the collection to offer a wide variety of fits. Women's leggings are available in classic versions, as well as in flared styles and with slit detailing at the hem. Another athleisure staple are women's joggers, which have gained ground in streetstyle because they offer endless combinations. However, if you are looking for comfort, these two types of trousers are not the only ones available. One example is the knitted culotte trousers, paired with a white shirt for a great office look.