Gift card

Purchase gift card

We have two methods: The E-Card, a virtual card sent via email, and Gift Card, a physical card sent through the post. Both can be used in stores or on

Useful information about the Gift Card:

  • It is only valid for the market in which you purchased it.
  • It is a document for use by the holder. Zara will not replace the card if it is stolen, lost or damaged.
  • The validity period depends on the market. You will be able see this information when you choose your card.
  • You can check the balance on your card via the Zara website, in the section "Gift Card > Check balance", or directly in one of our Zara stores.
  • Once purchased, the Gift Card may not be returned.

Pay with gift card

Before using your card it is important that you know:

  • Physical Gift Cards bought in a store and E-Cards are already activated.
  • Physical Gift Cards bought online need to be activated before use. You can activate them at the point of purchase, both in store, online, or prior to purchase through the section "Gift Card > Activate Card" . In both cases, we will request the four last digits of the mobile telephone number of the recipient provided by the buyer during the purchase process.
  • If you want to use your E-Gift Card to pay in store, you can print it or show it on your mobile device.
  • If your purchase exceeds the amount on your Gift Card, you can combine it with any other payment method available in your market.

Gift card returns

Returns of items purchased with a Gift Card will be refunded to the same Gift Card. If the return is of an online purchase you will receive a virtual copy of the card, with the updated balance on it, together with the email confirming the refund.

If the Gift Card used no longer exists at the time of the return, the amount will be refunded with a Credit Voucher:

If you used more than one payment method for a purchase and you request a partial return of the order, the refund will usually be repaid to the other payment method rather than the Gift Card.