Men's overshirts to layer up in style

Men’s outerwear has long carved its way from simple outdoor protection into a true fashion statement with a variety of styles and types crossing into creative designs that maintain practicality. An evolution of the mail shirt, men’s overshirts stand at the lighter scale of outerwear when a lightweight layer is required, yet there is no need for heavy padding, extreme weatherproof properties, or structured tailoring. The overshirt has made its mark in men’s fashion as the perfect solution for easy-going jacketing and acts as an extension of a T-shirt, shirt, or knitwear that compliments the look whilst providing a warming layer. Within Zara’s range of men’s overshirts, there are endless styles and cuts to choose from, covering an array of fabrics, materials, colours, textures, and patterns. From classic silhouettes to modern shapes, there is something for any man who wishes to update his wardrobe with basic pieces that last the test of time. The classic button-down overshirt with pockets can be worn buttoned-up or left open over your top and has useful pockets to keep all your must-have at hand. On the other hand, a zipped overshirt is quick to fasten; however, it has the same characteristics as the classics, making it a practical choice for men on the go. Within this category are the casual winners, the denim overshirt, and check overshirt. Denim has long been crowned as an all-year-round fabric and has proven its endless versatility to suit many outfits and blend in without fail. The check overshirt has a adventure feel and is great for outdoor weekends, best paired with denim jeans and walking boots or styled up with smart casual trousers and shoes. If a chilly breeze calls for a cosier solution, the flannel overshirt and padded overshirt are safe bets. Flannel overshirts are snug yet lightweight, therefore perfect for dressing on the go. The padded overshirt is an easy-to-wear yet sophisticated piece that takes its inspiration from the world of padded gilets and jackets yet acts as a mere enveloping on the body without the heavier feel. Zara’s selection of men’s overshirts also includes the lightweight overshirt, a variety made of airy and breathable fabrics such as cotton and linen, a great option for milder days or as a smooth layering over tops and shirts to accentuate the colour and texture scheme of the entire outfit. Our leather overshirt is a fine statement for a stronger impact as it takes your look to new heights. Sleek and sophisticated, leather overshirts are unarguably one of the best ways to compliment the outfit as this design combines the looks of a leather jacket and a shirt for a highly contemporary result that cannot be ignored.