What is a Gift Receipt?

It is a receipt of the items purchased that does not contain the articles' prices listed. You may select the gift receipt option from your shopping guide basket.

When you place the order, you may enter the telephone number and e-mail address of the person who will receive the order so that they can track and monitor the status of the delivery. If you prefer, you may enter your own details and you will receive this information

For more information, see the Buying Guide.


If you received an order with a Gift Receipt and would like to return an item, you have the following options:

  • The easiest way to return an item is at one of our Zara stores (as long as it is in the same country where the purchase was made). To find the nearest store, click here store locator.

    Bring the items you wish to return along with the Gift Receipt to the store and we will issue a Gift Card with the corresponding amount on it. You can use the Gift Card at any of our Zara stores and at in the same country where the original order was purchased.

  • Please follow these steps :

    1. MARK RECEIPT: Mark the items you wish to return on the gift receipt we have sent you with the order.
    2. RETURN REQUEST: Please indicate the gift receipt number in the field shown below (you may find the gift receipt number on the top left corner of the receipt) and click on the return request button. Then please fill in the requested information. We will email you the return label once you complete the process.
    3. PACK ITEMS: Pack the items and gift receipt in the original packaging and seal it securely.
    4. RETURN LABEL: With the label we have emailed you, you can then take your parcel to a drop off point. Remember to keep the receipt that will be provided to you.
    5. RETURN: In the next days you will receive an email with an electronic voucher with the amount of your return. This voucher can be used for purchases in store as well as on