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Zara Women's Vests to Complete Any Look

Women's vests have become a key garment that adds dimension and variety to both smart and casual outfits. To ensure the most varied designs, Zara presents a selection of different lengths, silhouettes, colours and materials to spark creativity. Casual looks find a great ally in the cropped and oversize vest, silhouettes that redraw traditional patterns and position themselves at the top of streetwear. At the more sophisticated end of the spectrum, dress vests—such as the classic black vest—are particularly suitable for professional environments and special occasions thanks to their sober and elegant tone. For extra warmth with a good dose of style, Zara's padded vests and fur vests for women are a winning bet that brings together functionality and trend.

From Dress to Knitted Vests, One for Every Occasion.

Women's vests have gained a must-have status in every wardrobe, and it's no surprise. Their design is so versatile that they can be referred to as a warm piece, like quilted vests, something that adds a stylish touch to a casual look in an easy way, like a cropped vest, or even a garment that tops off a formal outfit and makes it look impeccable, like dress vests. Knitted vests have gained a lot of attention thanks to the revival of the last decades of the 20th century. For an uncomplicated casual outfit, with a nostalgic twist and in line with current trends, simply pair with mom jeans, white trainers and a knitted vest. If the garment features prints or embroidery, the retro 80s effect will be enhanced. Long vests, paired with a low-waisted mini skirt and a tank top, give off a clear 2000s-inspired vibe. For an infallible wardrobe, the key is to go back to basics, and plain clothes in neutral tones are a great way to go. Thanks to their colour, white vests have an aseptic aesthetic that perfectly complements a variety of other colours and emphasises their beauty. A very versatile and cosmopolitan option is Zara's beige vest. Beige is a sophisticated earth tone that fits in with all types of outfits, whether they are more bold and colourful, where it creates a cohesive effect, or in total looks where it creates a seamless top ten styling. At the chromatic end, black is always synonymous with elegance, so a black waistcoat will elevate casual outfits and finish off more formal ones. One of the most powerful proposals and one that will enhance any look is Zara's faux leather vest, which has the potential to become the main element of a casual outfit. To add a subtle twist to a formal look, a leather vest will be perfect when paired with heels and accessories to match. Another option to create a solid wardrobe is a reversible vest, the advantage of which is to enclose two garments in one, thus ensuring double the combination possibilities. Cold weather also deserves its own selection of gilets that put warm looks at the heart of the trend. Zara's quilted gilets, as well as the women's down gilet, are among the favourite styles to face the bad weather with infallible garments. For an extra touch of style, Zara's women's fur vests are ideal for creating winter-inspired looks, while the belted vest sits close to the silhouette and creates a well-balanced and flattering visual effect.